Conservation / Restoration

As an conservator I have been working mainly with Natural History Illustration, Portrait Miniatures, Indian miniatures on ivory and Tibetan Thangka paintings in several private and public institutions including :

The Natural History Museum (Paper conservator 1998-2000)
The Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts (Conservation of the portrait miniature collection in 2003)
The Austrian National Library (worked with Mag. Verena Flamm on the Portrait Miniatures of the Habsburg Family 1999-2000)
The Ethnographical Museum (worked on the collection of Indian miniatures on ivory 2002-2003)

The Victoria and Albert Museum (worked on the collection of Indian miniatures on ivory 2002-2003 and on the new portrait miniature gallery 2004, since then as an OPA in 2011 and 2012)
The British Museum (Museumsdisplay of materials and techniques in 2007)
Christies Auction House Kingsstreet (Since 2005 till the present day as a selfemployed restorer)

Sothebys New York (guilding in 2000)
Trongsa Dzong Restoration Project (TDRP) in the Kingdom of Bhutan 2007-2008 (restoration of the art exhibits in the Ta Dzong Museum as textiles, thangkas, dance masks and sculptures and also the making of new objects with Bhutanese crafts men.